Case Studies and Client Testimonials

Case Studies

As the world continues to face financial uncertainties, many companies are asking whether extensive investment in training is justified.

Some qualifications are mandatory, leaving companies with no option but to invest. But mandatory training should not be seen as a costly and time-consuming burden – it can save your life, or those of your employees. The following Case Studies are an example.

One of our students never dreamed he would have to use his Helicopter Underwater Evacuation Training (HUET) training in a real-life emergency. His training, carried out as part of the Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET), is required for all personnel who need to be transported to offshore oil or gas rigs. It ended up saving his life.

In 2009, the helicopter he was travelling in ditched in the icy waters of the North Sea as it approached an offshore oil rig. He successfully evacuated the helicopter using the techniques he was taught, and was then successfully rescued as a direct result of the procedures he had been learnt on the course.

It is impossible to say what would have happened to him had he not undergone the training with us, but when you put yourself in potentially dangerous situations it is vital to be prepared for any scenario.

Highly trained, competent personnel are the core of all successful companies. There is no point recruiting the best personnel if you are not prepared to invest in their safety and expertise.

Below are some examples of how we have helped companies improve their workforce.

Shell Nigeria

Years of conflict in the Niger Delta had prevented Shell Nigeria from engaging competent personnel to train their staff to high international standards, particularly in emergency response techniques.

We were contacted initially to deliver specialist fire safety training over a three-week period in the Delta region. We designed a course which enabled employees, who initially had little knowledge, to undertake moderately difficult risk assessments and to advise middle management on fire safety issues.

The learning objectives were based on British Standards 7974 – an introduction to fire safety engineering principles. Students also received instruction on methods for undertaking fire risk assessments and they took part in tutored audit surveys and the compilation of full audit reports.

We successfully delivered the course despite security issues in the region, with the majority of students attaining a pass mark in the assessments. Pleased with the results, Shell Nigeria then asked us to deliver incident command training at our state-of-the-art centre in Malta.

British Gas, Tunisia

British Gas selected us from a competitive bidding process to deliver four primary response fire team member courses for their Tunisia-based personnel over four consecutive weeks.

After careful consultation with the client, we designed a course which provided intensive training in the principles of team leadership in emergency situations, specifically for emergency response personnel who have, or will potentially have, a command role within an emergency response team.

The course was successfully delivered through a series of theoretical sessions covering leadership, legislation and stress, as well as practical training sessions and table-top exercises on the fire ground

The trainees undertook this intensive course at our training centre in Malta, which is within easy reach of Tunisia and other countries in the MENA region.


Despite the internal violence and strife which accompanied Libya’s 2011 revolution, we have maintained the extensive network of important business relationships we have built over many years in this oil-rich North African state.

At our fully equipped training centre on the outskirts of Tripoli, we have delivered training to many major companies in compliance with the latest EU and US standards.

This centre and our highly qualified personnel enable us to offer a wide range of internationally accreditedcourses, allowing us to satisfy the vast majority of our Libya-based customer’s needs in-country.

Our offshore training in Libya is accredited to the internationally recognised, industry-specific Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organisation (OPITO), while the STCW95 course, a mandatory requirement for seafarers, is accredited by Transport Malta, the national flag authority for the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

To ensure the highest standards are maintained at our Libya centre, we operate a fully integrated quality management system which is regularly audited and certified by Bureau Veritas.

Sonarco/Sonatrach, Algeria

We won a tender to deliver two Incident Management and Emergency Response courses for on-site personnel responsible for staffing the Emergency Response Control Centre and those responsible for attending the scene of on-site emergencies.

Two six-day training courses for 36 Sonarco/BP staff were developed through a detailed exchange of information between the company and our expert consultants, ensuring the end result was precisely what the client required.

The courses were delivered in November and December 2011 with the training based on Sonarco’s own emergency response plan. In addition to the training delivery, we conducted a skills gap analysis after each training scenario.

Scenarios covered included gas clouds – (ignited and unignited); liquefied petroleum gas release; boil-over in a crude oil tank; road accident involving petrol tanker and car; well fires and environmental disasters.

We provided team members with a breakdown of their roles during an incident and taught them how to assess and then take control during an emergency.

Training also focused on prioritising actions, effective communications, dynamic risk assessment, handling stress, leadership techniques, dealing with the media and business continuity in the event of a major incident.

Each training course consisted of a combination of real-time practical exercises and varied tabletop exercises involving the dedicated on-site fire teams and emergency control room operators.

Every scenario concluded with a comprehensive debriefing involving all team members and senior planning management.


Client testimonials

Air X

“On behalf of Air X, I would like to thank you for last week’s Fire-fighting and smoke evacuation training as also the Wet drill exercise. Participants found it very helpful in their line of work as also enjoying the sessions immensely, the instructor was very knowledgeable on the subject.

The wet drill was impressive too. Both courses were of very high standard.

We found the centre to be very fresh and welcoming with the staff ever so willing to help and answer any queries. The lunch was thoroughly enjoyed so please thank the ladies involved in the kitchen – everyone was surprised to find such a filling meal!

Thank you once again and look forward to future training at the centre”

Robert Avellino – Head of Cabin

Kappetijn Safety Specialists

“Dear Andy,

A word of thanks for you and your team at ISTC training center, both for your demonstrations and for supporting the Joiff-conference at Malta. We (Philip, Gaby, Erik and myself who attended from our consultancy in the Netherlands) are impressed with your site and “water and fire” training portfolio and the enthusiasm of yourself and the team. We repeatedly turn to the leader you gave us for ISTC and the training site. The views of the site and Malta, in combination with the music are very strong and attractive!

Kindest regards.


Parents of an aspiring Fire fighter

To whom it may concern,

May we take this opportunity to offer a huge thank you and appreciation in the way an enquiry was made by us, regarding our Daughter Mia who is 18 years next week and showing continued interest for a career in Fire Fighting, which was not only carried out and given lots of informal and helpful advice on, but an immediate invite to the International Safety Training College facilities and shown around and explained and demonstrated aspects of the possible career.

We would like to thoroughly thank Mike Dyer and the International Safety Training Staff that assisted Mia with the initial visit.

Mia has returned even more motivated to seek this career now and all avenues of Training Courses, applications and examinations to be completed, prior to a potential career are being immediately looked into now seriously to pursue.

Very impressive and thanks again.

Kind Regards,

Dave & Michelle Allsopp (Parents to Mia Capri Allsopp)