Course Schedule

Fire Warden – Based on 1 Day 

14th, 21st, 28th January

4th, 11th, 18th and 25th February

4th, 11th, 18th and 25th March

Basic Fire Awareness – Based on a Half Day 

15th, 29th January

5th, 12th, 19th and 26th February

5th, 12th, 19th and 26th March

Basic First Aid – Based on 2 days  

25th – 26th January

15th – 16th February

1st – 2nd March

16th  – 17th March

Choking Hazards Awareness

Based on 2 Hours


Introduction to Health and Safety for the workers’ Health and Safety Representatives

Based on 1 Day 

22nd January

26th February

26th March

Contingency and Emergency Planning Workshop

Based on 2 Days Course Delivered Online


Motivational Safety Training

Based on 2 Days Course Delivered Online


Incident Investigation Workshop

Based on 2 Days Course Delivered Online


Handling Violence and Aggression

Based on 1 Day Course Delivered Online


Fork Lift Operator– Based on 1 Day

13th January

9th February

10th March

Tower and Mobile Cranes Safe Use – Based on 20hrs and divided in 5 sessions

15th, 16th, 17th and 22nd February.

Work at Height – Based on Half Day – In The Morning

9th February

Manual Handling – Based on Half Day

9th February

Medical First Aid – (TM approved) – Based on 4 Days  

1st – 4th February

General Purpose Hands – Based on 3 Days

25th – 27th January, 2021

STCW95 Basis Safety Training – Based on 6 Days – Class with a maximum of ONLY 7 Delegates

18th – 22nd January

15th – 19th February

15th – 19th March

STCW95 – Basic Safety Training REFRESHER – Based on 2.5 Days

27th – 29th January

24th – 26th February

24th – 26th March

STCW95 – Advanced Fire Fighting Training Course – Based on 4 Days 

2nd – 5th February

STCW95 – Adv Fire Fighting  REFRESHER – Based on 1 Day

26th January

23rd February

23rd March

23rd March

Security Awareness Course – Based on Half Day


VHF Training – Based on 1 Day

20th February

Security Training for Seafarers with Designated Security Duties –Based on 1 Full Day


PSCRB Full Course – Based on 5 Days

15th – 19th February and the 26th February

PSCRB Refresher – Based on 1 Full Day

23rd January, 2021

Ship Security Officer ( SSO)


CAA – Based on 2 Days


CA – EBS Training

With every Digital BOSIET Practical and FOET (Delivered as a standalone course) Pre-Booking is a must.


8th – 10th February

Digital Bosiet with CA-EBS (1 Day Practical Session)

26th January

8th February

22nd February

9th March

23rd March


12th January

26th January

8th February

22nd February

9th March

23rd March

BOSIET with CA-EBS and EBS – NEW Course

22nd – 24th February

FOET with CA-EBS and EBS – New Course

23rd January


8th February

22nd February

9th March

23rd March

H2S Awareness– Based on Half day

24th February

24th March

H2S Alive– Based on 1 Full day

24th February

24th March

Confined Space – Based on 2 Full days

18th – 19th February

Industrial Breathing Protection – Based on 2 days

16th – 17th February

JOIFF Road Traffic Collision Technician Course – Based on 1 Week


JOIFF Fire Team Member Course – Based on 3 Days

3rd – 5th February

7th – 9th April

JOIFF Fire Team Leader Course – Based on 5 Days

8th – 12th February

12th – 16th April

JOIFF Fire Fighting Foundation Course –Based on 10 Days

15th – 26th February

JOIFF Combined H2S, Industrial Breathing Protection and Confined Space – Based on 5 Days

8th – 12th March

JOIFF LNG Awareness and Fire Fighting – Based on 5 Days

15th – 19th March

JOIFF BAI Breathing Apparatus Instructor – Based on 10 Days


HERTL – Based on 4 Days


Foam Seminar – Delivered by Dr Niall Ramsden


MEMIR  Training – OPITO

26th – 28th January

2nd – 4th February

OIM CE – Assessment based on 3 days – OPITO

Remote delivery – Online Version



or Remote delivery – Online Version

NEBOSH International General Certificate – Based on 10 Days Training + Exam  

Pre- Course Meeting                      11th February 2021

IG1       (Based on 4 days)              11th ,12th ,15th , 16th February 2021

Exam  for IG1                                    7th April 2021 (OBE exam)

IG2 (Based on 6 Days)                  10th ,11th ,12th ,15th ,16th , 17th  March 2021

Exam Preparation session             17th March 2021

Delegates to submit the IG2 Practical Exam by 21st April 2021

NEBOSH International Certificate in Fire Safety and Risk Management (Week 2) – Based on 5 Days – Prerequisite – IGC1 (Unit Qualification) –


NEBOSH HSE PSM – Based on 5 Days


Nebosh International Technical Certificate in oil and gas operational safety


IOSH – Managing Safely – Based on 5 Days 

17th, 18th, 24th and 25th February