Target Group   

The target group is aimed at all personnel who operate radios on VHF. CAA Air Safety Standards and that are required to operate radios on the air band, e.g. HLOs, HDAs and standby vessel watch keepers.

Learning Outcomes

Following a series of explanations, demonstrations  and  opportunities  to  practice, delegates  will  be  assessed  against  the competence standards relating to the following course content.

Course Contents 

Day 1

  • Glossary of Aeronautical Terms
  • Abbreviations
  • The Communicating Frequency
  • Aeronautical Radio Stations
  • Communication Techniques, Procedures and Phraseology.
  • Radio operator’s certificate of competence
  • Air ground communications service

Day 2

  • Offshore communications Service
  • The Clearance Delivery Officer
  • Operational Control Communications
  • Distress and Urgency
  • Practice and Review
  • Examination