Workshop Overview
Throughout our 2-day Workshop international highly experienced and
qualified instructors will support delegates to:
✓ Understand the wide range of emergency threats
organisations may encounter and need to be prepared for
✓ Learn how to identify, analyse and prioritise their own
organisational vulnerability
✓ Focus on the components that make effective Contingency
and Emergency Response Plans
✓ Participate/evaluate a live tabletop exercise scenario
✓ Understand the principles that should be applied to mitigate
the consequences of an incident or threat and optimise the
recovery and return to normality
✓ Recognise the importance of testing, maintaining and
validating Contingency and Emergency Response Plans
✓ Opportunity to network and join our online Business
Continuity and Emergency Planning forum

Who should attend?

This course is catered to health and safety officers or managers of retail outlets, airports, hotels, shopping malls and utility companies.

This course is carried out by ISTC’s international certified tutors and is accredited by 3Action, UK.


What will you learn?

  • Preparing for the unexpected
  • Analysis of potential emergencies and threats to the business
  • Drawing up an Emergency Plan, and what should be included
  • Development of an emergency Response Structure within the organisation
  • Training for emergencies- maintaining capability
  • Interim recovery following an incident
  • Full recovery to normal operations
  • Testing/review of emergency plans
  • Practical syndicate workshop emergency response exercises
  • Debrief
  • The way ahead


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