Training Outcomes

Following a series of explanations, demonstrations and opportunities to practice, delegates will be assesed against the competence standards relating to the following training outcomes.

Course Contents

Unit 1: Prepare for response to an emergency on an offshore installation

  • Element 1.1 Maintain operational readiness of survival craft
  • Element 1.2 Contribute to drills and exercises
  • Element 1.3 Conduct emergency exercises

Unit 2: Respond to an emergency on an offshore installation

  • Element 2.1 Prepare self for emergency
  • Element 2.2 Prepare survival craft (TEMPSC)
  • Element 2.3 Board survival craft
  • Element 2.4 Prepare to launch survival craft
  • Element 2.5 Launch survival craft
  • Element 2.6 Move survival craft to a safe area
  • Element 2.7 Establish and maintain effective communications
  • Element 2.8 Establish and maintain safety of personnel and survival craft
  • Element 2.9 Disembark personnel from survival craft