Course Outline

Dealing with people in crisis, including threatening self-harm, suicide or taking someone hostages in an effort to meet demands is becoming more prevalent in the workplace. Would you know how to respond if a disgruntled employee started to behave in a hostile and determined manner? The short answer for onshore incidents is to call the Police. Whilst this would still apply for an offshore scenario it will take several hours before a team of trained Negotiators can respond to the affected installation.

In the interim you have a duty of care for the individual concerned as well as the safety of other personnel on board to consider.

There have been recent examples of NGO’s demonstrating against energy companies. This training will incorporate guidelines on how to deal with such protestors.

Course trainers are experienced Police Negotiators who have been at the front line of negotiating with people in crisis for some time. Other inputs come from Mental Health experts who are leading figures.
All are experts in their field.

Who Should Attend?

Offshore Installation Managers and their Deputies;
Vessel Masters and their Deputies;
Offshore Health and Safety Representatives.

After Completion, Delegates Will Be Able To:

Provide the necessary interpersonal skills to effectively engage with the person in crisis. These skills could make the difference in saving life and bringing about a speedy resolution to a hostile situation and will certainly avoid unwittingly escalating the situation.

Topics Included:

  • Setting the Strategy;
  • Communication;
  • Active Listening;
  • Core Concerns;
  • Working with an Interpreter;
  • Influencing Behaviour;
  • Police Expectations.

Concludes with a half day Simulated Exercise allowing delegates to consolidate learning by putting their newly acquired skills into practice.