Course Outline

Whenever an incident or crisis occurs, the lives of many people are negatively affected. The immediate victims of an emergency are not only those that have been injured or killed but also their families and friends. The response by the employer to these affected individuals can adversely affect (positively or negatively) the long term reputation of the organisation and place intense public scrutiny on the effectiveness of the company to continue to operate. This course is designed to ensure your organisation understands the importance of managing the care of families with compassion and sensitivity not just from a moral and ethical “duty of care” standpoint but also to ensure the viability of your business.

Who Should Attend?

  • Human Resources professionals;
  • Public Relations professionals;
  • Senior Management involved in response to an incident or crisis;
  • All personnel who may have direct or indirect involvement in managing the incident or crisis.

After Completion, Delegates Will Be Able To

  • Employ valuable techniques in speaking to families of victims;
  • Understand the importance of sensitivity when dealing with families;
  • Understand the various response strategies required at various times during the recovery period;
  • Recognise the influence, both positive and negative the families have on your organisations reputation.

Topics Included:

  • Understanding the wide affect emergencies have on people;
  • How to plan for the response to victim’s families;
  • Practical exercises in responding to families calls over the phone;
  • Working with families over the medium and long term recovery process.

Training is designed to be interactive with numerous table top exercises and activities for the delegates throughout the course to re-enforce introduced principles and concepts.