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Maintain a state of readiness

  • Identify and locate helicopter operational hazards, hazardous areas, access routes and points
  • Identify, locate and operate all relevant equipment and controls
  • Conduct emergency exercises

Supervise helicopter landing and departure

  • Prepare for helicopter landing
  • Prepare for helicopter departure

Supervise cargo handling

  • Coordinate preparation of freight
  • Supervise loading and unloading of passengers, baggage and freight

Supervise the refueling of the helicopter

  • Prepare for refueling
  • Refuel the helicopter
  • Shut down the refueling system

Control the response to emergencies

  • Respond to appropriate alarms
  • Prepare to enter the incident area
  • Enter the incident area and work safely
  • Control the rescue of personnel
  • Control firefighting operations
  • Control non-firefighting operations