By the end of this two-day course, delegates are expected to   have Understood:

•  The breathing process,
•  The different types of respiratory protection,
•  Air management,
•  The workings of a breathing apparatus set,
•  How to test a breathing apparatus set,
•  How to move safely in smoke and darkness,
•  The signs and effects of heat and humidity,
•  The need for correct breathing apparatus cleaning.

Practiced and demonstrated competence:

•  Breathing apparatus set testing,
•  Breathing apparatus set wearing,
•  Moving in smoke and darkness,
•  Casualty search and rescue.



Respiratory Protection Equipment, Air Management, Set   Description, Set Testing, Working and Smoke and Darkness,

Heat and Humidity.


Set familiarization; Confidence building in cosmetic smoke;

Search and rescue in heat and smoke; valve isolation/search   and rescue in heat and smoke.