Course outcomes  

By the end of this thirteen week course, successful delegates will be competent to:

  •  Carry out the duties of a fire fighter in a safe and effective manner.
  •  Wear Breathing Apparatus in hot and smoky conditions   with confidence and in safety.
  •  Use all the equipment expected to be found on a modern fire   appliance with skill, speed and competence.
  •  Carry-out rescue operations with speed whilst ensuring   the safety of the rescued.

The course content will be contained within certain modules, all of which contribute to the overall programme. The following modules contain the subject areas that will be covered by the course;

  • General Firemanship Module
  • Breathing Apparatus Module
  • Basic Fire Engineering/Science Module
  • Operational Command Module
  • Road Traffic Accident Module
  • First Aid Module.


The International Fire Fighter Development Course follows the requirements of the UK/EU Occupational Standards and Role Maps and can be cross-mapped to meet the requirements of NFPA Standards for Fire Fighter One and Fire Fighter Two.