Course Outline

Major exercises are an established process of conducting a full test of an organizations response and recovery procedures as well as to practice the interfaces with external agencies (e.g. Civil Defence). They are generally longer events and the scenario is of sufficient severity as to warrant the activation of multiple response teams. All observations/feedback will be summarized into a post exercise report following the successful completion of the exercise. This report will include recommendations to close any identified gaps or suggestions to improve the overall crisis management system.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone involved in incident management

After Completion Delegates Will Be Able to:

  • Have an awareness of their role in an incident
  • Have confidence in their ability to take an active part in an incident

Major exercises will all be run in real time and will involve the real participation of all relevant individuals and teams. It will also include interfaces with external agencies and bodies relevant to the response and recovery of the organization. The aims and objectives of the exercises will be agreed prior to the exercise development but will be focused primarily on ensuring that the system works as expected and that the members of the response teams have demonstrated a performance that is acceptable to the Organisation.

This course is jointly run by ISTC and their affiliates