Course Outline

In an incident or crisis situation your organisation will be faced with a high level of scrutiny from the industry, the government and the general public. The Media, whether it is print, TV, radio or internet, plays a key role in steering the opinion of your audience and how you as an organisation manage the incident.

The one day media handling course will ensure your organisation obtains a foundation of good media management during an incident or crisis. Effectively managing the media through various communication tools and company spokespeople will help minimise damage to your reputation or even possibly enhance it.

Who Should Attend?

  • PR personnel;
  • Senior Management;
  • Media Response personnel;
  • All personnel who may have direct or indirect involvement in managing an incident or crisis and who may be required to speak to, or release information to, the media.

After Completion, delegates will be able to:

  • Know how the media operate;
  • Appreciate the advantages of maintaining an effective media response strategy during crisis;
  • Gain valuable techniques in handling media interviews;
  • Understand the importance of prompt and accurate press statements;
  • Understand the set up and importance of Press Conferences;
  • Recognise the influence, both positive and negative the media have on your organisations reputation.

Topics Included:

  • Understanding the importance of your reputation;
  • An overview of what the media want and how it operates;
  • How to use the news media to gain positive publicity for your organization;
  • Real insights into the journalists’ way of thinking and operating;
  • How to handle press conferences and other media interviews skillfully and confidently;
  • How to prevent the media from turning situations into issues detrimental to your organization;
  • Practical exercises under a variety of different scenarios including mock press interviews and “ambush” interviews with professional journalists and camera crew.

The course is designed to be interactive with group discussion to reinforce principles and concepts introduced during theory presentations. Journalists’ “tricks of the trade” and tricky interview techniques will also be discussed.