The STCW Basic Safety Training course is the legal minimum requirement for anyone looking for commercial work aboard vessels over 24 metres, including Superyachts and Cruise ships.

Your safety at sea is our priority.  Our training program will prepare you for emergency situations that can occur in the open seas, far away from the land.  You will be trained and prepared with for personal survival techniques, fire fighting, prevention, and elementary first aid.

This training programme is designed to meet the initial sea safety and emergency response training requirements for personnel working at sea.

The aim of the STCW’95 BST Combined is to provide basic theoretical and practical knowledge to seafarers to deal with incidents occurring while at sea. This training covers training in accordance with   International Maritime Organization regulations as per STCW code   Chapter VI.

STCW95 learning outcomes

Elementary First Aid

To successfully complete this training, delegates must be able to demonstrate:

Elementary first aid (Regulation VI/1 Section A-VI/1 Para. 2.1.3)

Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting

To successfully complete this module, delegates must be able to:

Fire prevention and fire fighting  (Regulation VI/1 Section A-VI/1 Para 2.1.2)

Proficiency in Personal Survival Techniques

Personal survival techniques (Regulation VI/1 Section A-VI/1 Para. 2.1.1)    

Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities

Regulation VI/1 Section A-VI/1 Para. 2.1.4

Delegate Performance Assessment

Delegates will be assessed against the learning outcomes specified in the Model Course using direct observation, oral and/or written questions as appropriate.