Course outcomes  

By the end of this five-day course, delegates are expected to have understood:

  • The principles of storage tank firefighting;
  • The use and application of different fire fighting media especially foam and its use and limitations;
  • The dangers and hazards associated with boilovers and running fuel fires;
  • Lessons learned from past incidents;
  • How to prepare for incidents onsite and offsite;
  • The importance of training onsite personnel to tackle and manage such incidents.

  Practiced and demonstrated competence in:

  • The selection and proper use of the appropriate type of firefighting media such as foam and water;
  • Dealing with rimseal and full surface storage tank fires;
  • Dealing with incidents involving flanges and valves leaks;

Theoretical Content                 

Health & Safety at incidents, Fixed  fire fighting systems, limitations of  foam, storage tank fire fighting;

By the use of several case studies, the events that lead to such large petrochemical incidents.

Practical Exercises

Hands-on exercises with foam and water , including flange, rimseal and full surface storage tank fires.

Syndicate Exercise

To prepare and deliver a presentation on previous majors petrochemical incidents

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