ISTC Successfully Passes JOIFF Audit

International Safety Training College (ISTC) has successfully passed the JOIFF audit, making it a fully approved JOIFF training centre. The JOIFF accreditation is only awarded to those organizations that work to the highest levels of safety and professionalism. JOIFF, the awarding body, is an international organization that focuses primarily on the prerequisite that training providers are ‘current’ and work to ‘industry best practice’. ISTC is the first and only training centre in the Mediterranean to hold this honour.


JOIFF is yet another certification added to a long list of internationally recognised accreditations for ISTC.  This successful outcome of the JOIFF audit will now make it possible for ISTC to submit other courses for approval.  Moreover, ISTC has pre-agreed to submit all of its major courses into JOIFF, with the intention of having the majority of ISTC courses, JOIFF approved by the end of May 2014.

“This audit is a real coup for ISTC and it can only lead to better things ahead,” said Andrew Gilravey, Head of Operations at ISTC. Furthermore, Mr. Gilravey directly attributed the success of the audit to the team at ISTC, stating “This was by no means a singular effort – all of the staff at ISTC contributed hugely and they should be accredited with an equal share of the credit. It was a real team effort.”

Operating in Malta and Libya, ISTC currently runs two leading international training centres which provide consultancy and training to the highest professional standards in emergency response, disaster management, fire safety, health and safety, first aid and survival, mainly to the oil and gas industry in the MENA region and beyond.

ISTC has secured a number of well-established accreditations and approvals from a variety of high-profile organisations, both locally and internationally. This places ISTC amongst the top safety training centres in Europe and beyond.