Libyan Oil Employees Complete Training in Aviation Rescue And Fire Fighting


Employees from Mellitah Oil & Gas, which is one of the largest oil companies in Libya, recently travelled to Malta to take part in a course on aviation rescue and fire fighting through the International Safety Training College (ISTC).

The course, which took place over three weeks, was aimed at successfully training fire-fighting teams for aviation incidents. It included rescue techniques, aircraft evacuation procedures, incident command, internal and external fire-fighting training, a how-to on breathing apparatus, a module on the use of foam and other extinguishing agents in an aircraft fire, aviation legislation, the use of hoses, nozzles and water monitors, teamwork and effective communications. The course was taught in collaboration with Malta International Airport, with some of the training taking place at MIA.

“Mellitah Oil and Gas has many installations throughout Libya and, due to their rural locations, they’re best reached by air travel,” explains Andrew Gilravey, head of operations for ISTC Malta & Libya. “Therefore, most have their own airstrips, which obviously require emergency response personnel and aviation fire fighters who are trained and competent to deal with any aircraft incidents. This is where our training comes in.”

As a result of the course, the company’s fire-fighting teams have been trained to a predetermined and accredited level, fit for duty at up to Category 6 airfields and which will satisfy the civil aviation authority in Libya.

“Some students have already finished their training, while others are due to start shortly,” continues Mr Gilravey. “There will be courses on-going until the end of September.”

Additionally, those running the course have made sure that their students also find time to enjoy their host country.

“Most of our students are visiting Malta for the first time, so we also give them the time to enjoy the sights and sounds of the island, and to immerse themselves in its cultural history. We have also built a prayer room on-site for their welfare and offer an all-inclusive selection of halal catering.

“We believe this holistic approach will help them to make the most of their time with us, and to return to Libya qualified to deal with the dynamic requirements of aviation rescue and fire fighting,” he adds.