Saluting Mike Dyer on his retirement & a warm welcome to Chris Wright – new operations manager

We’re incredibly honoured to salute Mike Dyer, who carried out the role of operations manager since the past 5 years.  During this time, Mr. Dyer held a vital role in the Company’s Growth and Development.  He managed the Operations team and delivered paramount results when providing and sourcing state of the art equipment, training facilities for diverse industries such as oil and gas, aerospace, defense, fire- fighting and survival techniques that also comply with industry standards.

As we congratulate Mike Dyer for his retirement, we’re delighted to welcome our new Operations Manager Chris Wright who is taking the helm from Mr. Dyer.

Mr.Wright, young and energetic, brings along years of experience and expertise, working with key bodies such as OPITO, a not for profit industry recognised to carry out training standards within the oil and gas industry.

We are positive that Mr. Wright will be a crucial member of the management team that will drive forward ISTC during the coming time.