The 2nd JOIFF International Fire & Explosion in Malta


After the extraordinary success in 2016, the 2nd JOIFF International Fire & Explosion Hazard Management Conference will be held on the 29th & 30th October 2018 at the Corinthia St Georges Hotel & Spa in Malta.

As members of JOIFF and local representatives, the management and team at International Safety Training College (ISTC) in Hal Far are keen to welcome and meet international delegates which will be present during this event and to assist the event organisers throughout the convention.

This conference will be addressing some key major questions and challenges that arise in daily operations that manage emergency response teams and fire & explosion hazard management.

Randal S Fletcher – conference and JOIFF Chairman is one of the keynote speakers invited to the conference.  He will be addressing ‘Managing within the unknowns’ and discussing how to leverage the expertise across the response functional boundaries and minimise illusions.

Such an event is extremely important for today’s economy and environment where organisations require a ‘phase change’ in culture both at an organisation level but more importantly at a personnel level.  Without full cooperation of the workforce all working toward a common goal, organisations may become obsolete.

This conference addresses head-on some of these important topics and will strive to address these under the following headings: –

  • Prevention – Out Engineer – Inherently Safe Design
  • Protection – Fixed protection with minimum human intervention
  • Preparedness – Fire Hazard Analysis, Credible Scenario development;  Risk
  • Assessments & Reduction Options
  • Response – Implementation, Test & Exercise, Maintain & Review.  Training based on credible scenarios identified (not only fire service response, but also
  • Operations/Maintenance response to make plants safe during incidents)
  • Recovery – Predetermine critical components with long lead times to get back to production as soon as possible and reduce losses.

Full details about the conference can be found below:

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