Our Services

Fire Safety

  • Fire Safety Risk Assessment
  • Fire Safety Survey (Compliance to regulations)
  • Fire Drills & Evacuation
  • Emergency Response Procedure Design
  • Fire Action Plan Design
  • General (Fire Safety) Consultancy / Advisory Services

Health & Safety

  • Health  & Safety Risk Assessment
  • Health & Safety Survey (Compliance to regulations)
  • Method Statements / Safe Systems of work
  • Maternity Risk Assessment
  • Work Station (VDU) Risk Assessment
  • Project Supervision, Design Stage (Construction)
  • Project Supervision, Execution Stage (Construction)
  • High Risk Activity Risk Assessment – Confined Space Work
  • High Risk Activity Risk Assessment – Work at Height
  • General (Health & Safety) Consultancy / Advisory Services

 Areas of Expertise

  • Factories & Warehouses
  • Multiple Occupancy Buildings & Establishments
  • Offices & Shops
  • Hotel and Tourism Accommodation Establishments
  • Construction
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Educational Institutions
  • Healthcare Premises & Residential Care Premises
  • Waste Storage Facilities (Hazmat Sites)
  • Theatres & Cinemas
  • Oil & Gas
  • Small and Medium Places of Assembly
  • Large Places of Assembly

Transport Premises & Facilities

Hazardous Material Storage by FireVault

Creating a safe workplace is a successful workplace

One can trust in our reputation for developing market-leading products and services for hazardous materials handling.

Improving the level of safety in your workplace is where our work begins. From there, we will help you reduce your risk, liability, and downtime, and guarantee an increase in productivity.  Also, we will take you beyond the legal standards for Health and Safety and Corporate Social Responsibility, with products and services that are also designated to exceed your performance expectations.

Some of our products:

  • Firevault – walk in fire rated stores
  • Firevault – Fire Rated Drum and IBC store
  • 90-minute flammable storage cabinet
  • Pallet / IBC Stores
  • Gas Vaults